I am pleased to present to you an album with Polish electroacoustic saxophone music. "Judge me Again" is the title of the piece by Rafał Zapała, crowning my debut album, as well as an attempt to go beyond the accepted academic norms of the classical repertoire. The composers whom I invited for cooperation have fascinated me for a long time, and are familiar with various musical contexts. I wanted the works that were to be created to be the effect of our cooperation, and not just a one-sided composer – performer relationship. The result is "tailor-made" compositions, often three-dimensional, interacting with the recipient. Each of them tells a different story, often a personal one. All this has combined into one eclectic whole. The pieces from this album refer to traditional, Renaissance, romantic, post-internet, orient, pastiche, nois, field-recording, performance music, quote Petrarca. The whole thing scares me. It is strong, ambivalent and I'm a bit afraid of all this. Henryk Jakub Chamski beautifully illustrated this by creating the album cover. However, some warmth, tenderness towards fear, tenderness towards gloom breaks through the darkness.

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