Weronika partyka

A saxophonist, singer, performer, educated in classical music, focused on contemporary, electroacoustic and traditional music. She graduated from the Academy of Music in Poznań, the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, and received a “Music Production” certificate from SAE Institute in Ljubljana.
Weronika is an active performer. She is a promoter of contemporary music, especially Polish contemporary music. She performed world premieres of pieces written for her, both on the national stage and abroad. Weronika gave concerts in European countries, both Americas, and Asia. She represented Poland in “One Beat” project under the auspices of Bang on a Can, during which she made a concert tour along the East Coast of the USA. Weronika is a laureate of national and international competitions. Moreover, she is a co-creator of many artistic projects and cooperates with numerous music groups, such as ROYA Quartet, UCHOKO and Vidlunnia. She creates music for experimental films and movement improvisations. Weronika performed as a soloist with the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, playing H. Tomasi’s concert. Furthermore, she played the role of Szeptucha (folk healer) in “Erysipelas” by A.M. Huszcza.
The artistic director of the International Saxophone Workshop in Szczecinek. She has been invited to be a jury member at international saxophone competitions, as well as a lecturer at summer music courses.
Weronika received an award for her extraordinary artistic achievements from the mayor of Szczecinek. She is also a laureate of the “Młoda Polska” scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.
In 2019 she released her debut album "Judge Me Again" with new electroacoustic music for saxophone.
Weronika is employed at Franc Šturm Music School in Ljubljana, where she teaches the saxophone class.
Apart from the saxophone, Weronika plays ethnic instruments, such as duduk, ocarina or panpipes, and performs traditional songs.

"Marrying eclectic instrumentation and the quivering “white voice” technique with modern electro-acoustic manipulation, Weronika Partyka invokes a place of longing. Her music gestures to the ancestral rites of an Eastern European folk tradition that is spectral and unearthly, reinterpreting rural Polish music across space and time.
With a sense of deep connection to her Polish roots, Weronika updates the traditional song structures of her country with dashes of musique concrète. A gifted improviser with a rare touch for the saxophone".